Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our Home

The view from our living room window

Home is an apartment on the 11th floor. The school owns 3 apartment buildings. The first building is called Dana, but is referred to as the Family Building. This is where we live. It is 15 stories tall and has only 2 apartments per floor. Our apartment is 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with kitchen, laundry room, dining room and living room. Our bed is a king – it is huge. All the rooms have floor to ceiling windows along the east side and through our windows we can see the sea – it is close enough to walk too. It is all so totally different than anywhere I have ever lived before.

The other 2 buildings are smaller than ours. The second is Dina, aka the Singles Building. It is 13 stories tall and has 4 apartments per story. It is 2 bed/2 bath. The final building is known as the annex. It is only 3 stories tall and is 2 bed/1bath. Between our building and Dina is a pool. We also have a gym, library and lounge area. It is basically really, really nice university-like living.

Beside the sea, our windows stare out at the city. It is amazing how beige everything is. If I had been asked to describe Honduras in one color – it would have been green – jungle, pine trees, and plants were everywhere, everything was always growing. If I had to do the same for Kuwait, the color is unquestionable brown – the sky is tan, every building is beige-colored, the ground is sand, and even the streets are light brown, since they are constantly being covered by sand. Inside our apartment is the same, our curtains are yellow/brown, our tile floors are fawn and the walls our beige. It is like all color has been sucked out of the world and only neutrals were left behind. This is to hide the sand that coats everything – but I could still do with a little more color. Needless to say, we will be painting soon.

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