Saturday, August 25, 2012


We are totally getting rugs... lots and lots of gorgeous rugs!

Kuwait is hot. Wicked hot. I have never yearned to wear shorts and a tank-top so badly, just to be denied at every turn. People are polite and speak English easily. However, their accents are very strong and we are having some difficulty understanding. If I talk to people I will have to majorly slow down the speed of my speech, but currently everyone local we interact with is male and they only want/will speak to Brian.

There is no pork in the country however there are lots of substitutes. My favorite so far is the veal bacon. I wish I had taken a picture… There is no alcohol either however, everyone, and I do mean everyone, brews their own “tea”. We imbibed on the plane rides, thinking that would be our last time. Just to discover that most of our nights are filled with invites to taste everyone’s homemade batches.

The bathrooms are different here. There is a toilet and directly next to it is a nozzle for cleaning your bottom. On the left of that is a bidet, just in case the nozzle wasn’t enough. The entire bathroom is tile. The walls and floor are exactly the same. The showerhead sprays directly onto the floor and there are 3 drains, I feel like I am showering in a large room like a YMCA. It will take a little getting used to. Everything, the toilet, sink, and bidet are soaked by the time the shower is over, but it dries in minutes thanks to the heat. Did I mention it's hot?


  1. Your heart quilt will add some bright color to the apartment.

    1. It totally does! We got paid a few days ago and bought a drill. Can't wait to hang it!