Friday, January 10, 2014

Before & After: My Craft & Clothes Room

A few days ago I posted my 4 Simple Goals for 2014. It was exciting to post, because it forced me to start working toward them.  After a bit of reflection, I chose to start with number 2, because I love decorating and the idea of carving out a space just for me to create and lounge and work and play sounded amazing. It took 2 days and its not quite finished yet – I still need to add photos and art - but already I love it - and can’t seem to leave it.

My space is an odd shaped room in the back of the apartment. We have two rooms this shape, both with bathrooms coming off of them (B uses the other one for his hobbies, which can be quite messy). Originally, this was our bedroom, simply because that’s where the bed was when we moved in, but a few months ago, I decided to dismantle the bed and move it to a different room and that’s when this space became mine.

The first thing I did was paint the walls a bright white and replace the heavy mustard curtains with sheer white ones. I love how white brightens up a space and makes colors pop. It just inspires me.

Next, I hauled all the furniture I wanted into the room. The space is quite big, but not shaped well at all. The wall with the window is actually curved, so nothing can lay flat against it. I also have two giant, ugly wardrobes that I must keep in the room, because, as much as I hate them, they serve the necessary purpose of holding my clothes.

Once I had everything in the room, I began experimenting with arrangements. This took the better part of a day, with B occasionally wandering in and laughing at me as I tried to manhandle the enormous wardrobes into various positions. Finally, I managed to make them take up as little space as possible, and began the fun part – drilling.

Both B and I are so grateful he taught me the skills needed to drill into concrete. Thinking back to just 6 months ago, when I would have had to ask him to hang every shelf, picture frame and screw, makes us both shake our heads in disgust. That was never fun for either of us. Plus, there is just something so powerful about holding a pulsating drill in your hands and crushing through concrete. (I am WOMAN, hear me ROAR!)

The final step was to organize the mess that is my life. I boiled old Ikea candles and took the glass cups to hold bits and pieces. I found some fun bowls at a market and sorted my earrings and coins and rings. I draped my necklaces, scarves and hair accessories on hooks and hung all my dangly earrings on the window screen. I sorted my embellishments, strings and such into baskets a friend gave me.  The room began to look bright and colorful and fun. I threw myself on the couch and admired the effect. B, somehow sensing the end was near, stuck in his head and whistled.

So cheers to me. I have successfully produced a space I feel happy and creative in – now it's time to get messy.

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