Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yachting Like A Rock-Star

I partied like a rock-star on a yacht this weekend. Like-a-rock-star!*

Our morning started off at the docks – where we boarded a dazzling yacht. We are talking full on, rapper-style, all-white yacht. We knew very few (or more like none) of the people along for the ride, but the group could easily be described as a fit, tan and gorgeous. As soon as we reached open sea, girls peeled off their cover-ups to show flat tummies and tight bottoms. The men were just as fun to look at – perfect six-packs, short, tight suits and covered in oil.

The trip to the island took a few hours and was exactly what I expected a yacht full of gorgeous people to be like. The DJ spun tracks, drinks flowed, the sun shone and I genuinely felt like I might be a rock star – or at least part of rock star’s entourage.

The island itself was not much to look at – less than a ¼ mile in length and covered with sand and shrubs, its great appeal is the fact that large groups of people gather there on the weekends to wear bikinis, dance and drink. Technically, this is illegal, but seems to (thus far) have been overlooked by the government.

As the day wrapped up, I looked around at the yachts floating on the bright blue sea, the beautiful people dancing in the sunset, and the many nationalities speaking a variety of languages and it took my breath away.

I love the idea that everywhere in the world there are groups of strangers coming together for a good time – fun, love, and sunshine really can unite everyone.

*And like a rock-star all place/people names have been redacted to protect the peace-loving, party people.

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