Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cheap Gas & Freedom

The Kuwaiti Towers, Us & Our Sweet, Sweet Jeep

We got a car! It is such a life changer. In a matter of an hour, we went from being dependent on taxis and buses to having the freedom and the means to go anywhere we want, whenever we want.

To make it even better, we bought the best, most high quality vehicle either of us have ever owned. It is a black 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has a leather interior, 4-wheel drive, a tow package and electronic everything. We are beyond spoiled.

So we took it out for a tour of the city. We drove down the gulf highway and took in the sights. Gorgeous. We stopped at the Kuwaiti Towers and took a scenic photo; then we ran back to our plush, air-conditioned interior, since it was 121 degrees out. We admired some palaces and stared at the ships in the sea. We felt so free.

On our way back, the gaslight dinged. We pulled into the nearest station and the attendant filled us up. We had driven a little over 350 miles and to fill up cost less than $12. B nearly cackled with glee. As we pulled out, he looked over and said, “Let’s just go do donuts in the desert until we empty this tank… What’s another 12 bucks?” 

Disclaimer (A note from B): Amelia, Julie and anyone else against wasting precious limited resources. B is sorry. He knows the environment is important (and he agrees). He just can't help himself... (12 dollars ?!?!!?) :)


  1. Jackie!!
    I love it!!! You are too cute!! Isn't it insane $12 dollars fills your tank that is unreal... So glad that you are having so much more fun now that you can drive yourselves!! That is awesome congrats on the car!
    Keep enjoying the adventures and posting them!!
    Tell your husband hello!!

    1. Thanks! I know it is totally unreal! And really, really great. I will cry this summer when i have to pay $50+ again. Hope Oregon is treating you fantastically! Want to hear all about it!