Monday, July 23, 2012

Sister Love

My sisters
I just finished a book, the House at Riverton, where sisters and their relationships were very important. It made me realize how lucky I am to have such amazing sisters.

There's this great quote:
"Three. A number favored as much by art as by science: primary colors, points required to locate an object in space, notes to form a musical chord. Three points of a triangle, the first geometrical figure. Incontrovertible fact: two straight lines cannot enclose a space. The points of a triangle may move, shift allegiance, the distance between two disappear as they draw away from the third, but together they always define a triangle. Self-contained, real, complete."

We are three, also.  And, although, our allegiances have been known to shift and slide, and adventures have taken us, and will continue to take us, far away from each other, I am lucky enough to know they are always there for me and I for them. Love you, sisters.

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